Campus Information

GIT is located on the Polytechnic campus, a 600-acre campus in Mesa, Arizona built in a beautiful desert arboretum and home to more than 3,500 students.

The academic facilities are among the best that ASU has to offer and were designed specifically to support the project-based and hands-on learning environment. The campus is home to some of the most advanced learning laboratories available to students on any university campus.

Citrus Dining and Century Hall feature activity lounges, quiet study rooms and a beautiful courtyard. Century Hall also has a unique Solutions Space, a room covered from floor to ceiling with whiteboards for students to brainstorm, connect and ideate. The Sun Devil Fitness Complex features weights and fitness areas, gyms for group fitness classes, basketball courts, a swimming pool, a bike co-op and campus health and wellness facilities.

GIT Device and Usability Lab

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The GIT Device and Usability Lab, located in Santa Catalina Hall, is a collection of computers, mobile phones, tablets and other devices to be used for website testing. The lab is based on the Open Device Lab concept, a grassroots movement where there is a shared community pool of web-enabled and connected devices for testing purposes. In addition, the GIT Device and Usability Lab is a usability testing laboratory. Usability testing includes a range of evaluation methods such as automated evaluations, inspection evaluations, operational evaluations and human performance testing.

Make Media Lab



The Make Media Lab, located in the Technology Center, is a studio open to all CTI students, faculty and staff to shoot and edit short video productions and still images. It follows in the new traditions of the Maker Movement.  The GIT video production and motion graphics classes also make use of the video studio.

GIT Commercial Photography Studio



The GIT Commercial Photography Studio, located in the Technology Center, is designed as a complete working professional photographic studio with three shooting bays outfitted with state of the art digital cameras and lighting equipment. The Studio is available for hire for commercial shoots internally at ASU and for non-profits within the community. All shoots are student led. In addition, the Technical Imaging Lab is available for high speed photography and video, stroboscopic and thermal imaging.

Print and Imaging Lab



The Print & Imaging Lab, in the Technology Center, is an academic enterprise that is self-funded by selling print to the ASU community. The most important objective of the Print Lab is to provide hands-on, educational experiences for GIT students. Several GIT classes utilize the lab for course assignments.