In our technical world, graphics have ascended to dominant importance as an essential way to communicate information. Being able to plan, create, evaluate, organize and disseminate visual information to a variety of audiences is a valuable and much-needed skill. I’m a twenty something year old with a crazy passion for anything technical. I think 3D printers should be in every home and that your work should be a direct reflection of what you love to do.

My degree is a culmination of many of my passions, which made the Graphic Information Technology program the perfect fit for me. My core expertise coincide with my interests which include project management, graphic design, and digital marketing.

Throughout my time at Arizona State University I have had the opportunity to work on marketing and logistics for several events, large scale event planning for 300 + students, and even had the opportunity to launch an initiative in front of 10,000 students.

Kayla Burkholder, LinkedIn



I wanted to be able to do everything. It’s not just the fun, artsy side. It’s the technology and the client side that you have to learn how to manage…



I chose [this degree] because it would allow me to take the skills I already had in graphic design and apply it to specific technologies that I had interest in…